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Thread: How do i find what dealership my car was purchased from

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwsolds View Post
    Destroy build sheets, where did you here that from?
    It wasn't so much to destroy them as it was simply to not put them in the car. At least, I've heard from several sources that Lansing had a specific policy against leaving build sheets in the car, at least through 1975. After all, they were never actually meant to be part of what was delivered to the final consumer.

    However, having said the above, I do occasionally hear of build sheets being found in Lansing cars, although there's also lots of debate as to exactly what a build sheet versus a broadcast card and other types of paperwork that's been found in cars. Regardless of whatever policy might have been in place, it's certainly likely that with the many many thousands of vehicles built there over the years, SOME might have gotten through with build sheets in them.

    Regardless, given the large number of different places I've heard that build sheets have been found (under the front or rear seat or up in the seat springs, under the carpet, taped to the top of the gas tank, behind the headliner in the roof, in one of the doors, and more), I wouldn't tear a car apart specifically with the purpose of looking for a build sheet. I might try the relatively-easy-to-get-at places like under the seats, but I certainly wouldn't drop a gas tank, take a door apart, or peel back the headliner just to look. Chances are it's not there, especially if it's a Lansing-built car. Most people reporting a found build sheet found it while disassembling the car for some other purpose.

    I'm not saying that this is the definitive answer, but here's a lengthy discussion of the issue over at Classicoldsmobile.

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    I was researching some 1961 stuff for a guy over weekend and was looking thru that year's Service Guilds. Two or three times a year you'd find Training Center class pictures in the SG. They'd name all the technicians and which dealership they worked for. I noticed several dealers in the '61 SGs that hadn't even been mentioned in the CO thread.

    Apparently in the 50s and 60s Midwest there were a lot of dualled Olds-Chevrolet and Olds-Buick dealers, as well as a lot of farm equipment dealers who also had an Oldsmobile franchise.
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