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Thread: Caught In The Wild

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    Sent a email to the seller today, let him know about this board.

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    Looks like a Zodiac blue 73 S or 442 to me lurking behind this 62 Caddy.
    And a wedgewood blue 73 442 on page 22 in the new September Hotrod magazine, covered in leaves with the back bumper rusted off and sitting in the dirt behind it.
    And finally I watched a new show that started last week on FX "Snowfall" about the start of crack in the early 80s. Good shot of a 76-77 Supreme sitting in front of a house and then near the end of the show an extended driving scene in the same car, I assume, but it only shows the buckskin tan interior, and it has the base chrome mirror on the passenger side. Car belongs to a main character's sister in the show, maybe they will use it a lot more as the season progresses. Second episode uses a 70 442 W-30 (looking) convertible in a few scenes. I can't tell if it is Galleon gold or nugget gold with a black top , stripes and interior.
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