These were rules that Keith and I had come up with a while back. Just carried them over now.

- Rocket sections are pertaining to Oldsmobiles only. No one cares if your Hyundai Excel runs 14s. Put topics like that in General Auto.

- Off topic chatter is allowed if the topic poster is OK with it and it's not a serious topic.

- Event/Meet Section is to be on topic, unless the banter is in direct relation to the event/meet at hand.

- Personal attacks are not tolerated anywhere on this forum. Any problems with another member should be addressed through PM's and if the problem cannot be solved by that manner. Please contact a moderator for assistance.

- Off topic posts can and will be deleted by moderators and a PM will be sent by that moderator explaining why the action was taken. If there is a problem with that decision please contact a moderator.

If any of these rules are misunderstood or if you need further explanation in regards to any points mentioned here, please by all means contact one of your friendly moderators and we will do whatever we can to assist. The rules are to be followed! We feel they are very reasonable and if you feel that you can't abide to these simple rules, then please understand that actions maybe taken. Thank you very much and believe that will always be the best Olds forum on the internet!