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Thread: Anyone try one of these yet?

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    Anyone try one of these yet?

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    I sure hope the overlay looks MUCH BETTER than the pictures in the EBAY ad!

    If not I would NOT buy one!

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    I had one that I bought cheap on eBay about 10 years ago. Then they didn't make them for a few years and I sold it on eBay for a small profit. I have used them on various other cars, mostly Datsun Z cars and 70's Trans Ams. They work OK if the dash you're applying them on is relatively smooth with out big craters or canyon sized cracks. Otherwise you will have to smooth the original and fill the cracks and craters before installing the cover. It takes some work to get a good result. If your dash is pulling away from its base and curling up like most Camaros and many of the 73-76 Cutlass it won't help appearances any. I do notice that the cover pictured, poorly, has the passenger side crotch vent hole under the glove box so that cover would only be usable for a/c cars. I would use one if the dash I had was coverable and I couldn't find a usable original.


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