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Thread: Oldsmobile motor position problem

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    Oldsmobile motor position problem

    I have the motor in my '73 H/O installed, with a TH200-4R transmission. From what I am seeing, the motor mounts do not differ from big-small block. The trans mount is the same height as well. I see no evidence of any frame damage, and my crossmember measures the same as others that I have.

    My problem is that the motor noses down at the front. To keep the fan from hitting the shroud, I need to use a 1" spacer to hold the shroud lower. this in turn keeps the lower bolts from aligning. My thoughts are that the motor may be sitting low, or the trans may be sitting high. Has anyone ever seen this?

    Also, does the OD trans have the same spline count as the driveshaft piece from the TH 400? Would the TH400 spline physically fit into the 220-4r? I'm not sure if I have the driveshaft from the car, or maybe the one from a TH 350. I thought I got the yoke with the car, but it does not look like there is a new U joint at the front.

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    It sounds like the trans mount is too high.
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    I just replaced the clutch and fan on my 73 H/O - same problem.. fan rubbing at the bottom of the shroud. Shimming the top worked for me but I plan on replacing motor and trans mounts next.

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    I have seen this issue before and believe it or not I think it has to do with the body mounts. As they age they sink a little and deteriorate just enough to throw the body out of alignment. I don't know if replacing the engine and trans mount will fix the issue, but I suspect not.
    All engine mounts are the same for Olds engines in these cars. The lower parts of the blocks are externally identical and the crankshaft interline is the same. As for the yoke.....the 200-4R uses the same mount location as the TH400, but the yoke of a TH350. The length should be the same as a TH350 as well so if you get a driveshaft for a TH350 car you should be good to go.

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    I have this same issue with my 74 Hurst. I've even replaced the motor mounts with no luck. I never checked the trans mount. The exhaust headers swing down lower than my 75 442, same motor/trans/headers too. The fan shroud also has a 1" spacer pushing it down further. I looked at the core support and I think someone put the wrong bushings on the core support pushing it up too much so it hits on the bottom.

    It makes zero sense that the body bushings have anything to do with it. The motor/trans is attached to the frame. Also the front core support would have to "rise" to make you have to use a 1" spacer to push it down, so that makes no sense either.
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