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Thread: Steering Wheel Chrome/Woodgrain strip Repair

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    Steering Wheel Chrome/Woodgrain strip Repair

    Is there any way to repair the chrome/woodgrain strip on the steering wheel of a 77 Cutlass Supreme? If I have to hunt for a new wheel, I will, but if it can be repaired...

    Basically I had the car in the shop for its spring checkup and the mechanic peeled off a bunch while turning the wheel. The woodgrain was starting to go, but now a section (about 25% of the wheel) was peeled off...

    Any ideas??

    Brian M. Lenz
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    Your best bet is to contact one of the steering wheel restoration companies. Eastwood makes a restore kit, not sure if that is what you are seeking,

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    Repairing a broken, cracked or just plain ugly steering wheel is not that hard. Finding and applying the woodgrain or chrome mylar application material to look and function properly is a whole nother subject.

    I suggest you contact several of the steering wheel restoration specialists and seek their guidance on how to proceed and see if the woodgrain replacement/repair on your steering wheel is a DIY type of repair.

    Here are several highly regarded professionals:
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    I would look for a nice used steering wheel rather than spend the $$ on a repair. Just my opinion Brian .

    Eric & Christine

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