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    Finally got joined there, after 2? years after first attempt.

    Been on ClassicOlds, and on the another 73-77 Olds forum which got build due to inaccesibility for this site. Which seems to be changed.

    So, i have a 76', rear re-build, trans waiting for rebuild ( parts bought minus convertor, just needs assebling), and now even engine waiting for rebuild.
    So, hope to get it back on the road for next spring.

    Nice to be able to be part of this forum.

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    Dallas, Texas
    Welcome, glad you got on here. I've been following your progress on Classic Olds. I'm sure the members here will be excited to see some pictures of your 76.

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    Welcome texxas are greatly appreciated..

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    Happy to see you here, finally, yes !! It looks like this site is getting some new momentum. The members here really wanted to see new members and it looks like its working now!! X3 on pics haha,
    Put-r-ther !
    Eric & Christine

    1976 Olds Cutlass Supreme
    2009 Pontiac G8 Black
    2009 Pontiac G8 liquid red
    2006 Pontiac GP Silver

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    Thanks for welcomes. And sorry for double post at introductions, first time i didnt notice the text " waiting for moderators approval" or something like that, and just wondered that my post must been lost in bit-space.

    Okay, some pics. Sorry, these are pretty much the same as in other sites, im lazy to take pictures.
    Current-state picture would be it at my yard hood open, heads off.. Waiting to get towed to garage. Too much going on for now, wedding soon, superbusy at work, and at free-time superbusy doing last-minute renovations to house and yard before weddings. So maybe somewhere around July ill tow it to garage?


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