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Thread: 1978 insurance

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    1978 insurance

    My Mom was going through some of Dads old papers, she found the original insurance papers from February 1978 on my 77 Cutlass. Too bad it wasn't 1977. $425.00 for business use and underage driver. That would be me I was 17 at the time. The following summer I bought the car from Dad as I was always driving it and wanted it really bad. I paid him $5,000.00 and never missed a payment.
    Mom also gave me insurance paper for my 1932 Ford roadster. I have the 1965 and 1964 insurance papers. $18.00 for 6 month's pleasure use only. Dad left me the Hot Rod when he passed 4 years ago.
    Also had the original 1971 approved application for vintage plates on the 32 Ford and I discovered I have the original plate from that application.
    Think I am going to mount all that stuff on a display. Kind of neat stuff I think.


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    Very very cool!!


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