Rusty H/O

H/O Restoration pictures
  1. Rear fresh paint with HVLP gun
  2. Moog coils for front and rear
  3. Driver side
  4. Passenger side
  5. Close up front springs
  6. Rear Shot. I tried to replicate the original markings on the upper & lower rear arms.
  7. Second time I had to paint the front portion of the frame. It rained heavily after I finished the 1st spray & F%$^% it up!
  8. I am very happy with the GM Resoration paint with a HVLP spray gun. My 1st time ever spraying with a gun......
  9. Front seats recovered.  Sat in sun & tightened up real nice!
  10. Back Seats recovered. Sat in sun & tightened up real nice!
  11. Numbers matching 455.
  12. Paint removal on hood this summer.
  13. Front Header panel with a first coat of paint.
  14. All the years of it sitting next to a barn haven't been to bad on it. Some parts are sittin inside. The Feild mice had a nice home and a small...
  15. The frame sitting waiting on blasting and painting.
  16. Front clip off. Motor was traken out outside & brought into gargae for disassembly.
  17. Passenger side shot on Day 1 home.
  18. Drivers side on Day 1 home.
  19. This is a few minutes after we got Rusty off the rollback!
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